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Things to Do in Hocking Hills: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Things to do in Hocking Hills, Ohio

Ah, Hocking Hills! A picturesque gem nestled in the heart of Ohio, it stands as a testament to nature’s resplendent beauty and the rich tapestry of history that runs deep through its valleys. If you’re contemplating a getaway or just looking to explore and things to do in Hocking Hills, replete with attractions and activities that beckon.

Things to Do in Hocking Hills Ohio

One of the best activities in Hocking Hills is hiking along its scenic trails to discover stunning caves, gorges and rock formations. For those preferring something more relaxing horseback riding is also available.

Ravenwood Castle provides a fun take on traditional castle life. This inn features mystery games open to both guests and non-guests.


Hocking Hills is an oasis of stunning natural beauty teeming with miles of hiking trails. The landscape features stunning sandstone cliffs, caves, and gorges; visitors can climb them, go rafting down class 1 rapids or stay overnight in one of the forest cabins; however hiking through its woods remains one of the best ways to discover Hocking Hills’ unique rock formations and experience this Midwestern paradise.

State parks provide trails suitable for all skill and fitness levels. With its 9.5 square mile trail system encompassing stunning natural sights such as Ash Cave Falls, Hocking Valley Falls and Conkle’s Hollow Falls plus Broken Rock Falls’ narrow waterfall that flows between two large rocks; visitors will discover their perfect trail.

Old Man’s Cave is the area’s premier hike, offering visitors a scenic short trail through sandstone caves and across an intriguing rock bridge. Additionally, visitors may visit Rock House Cave for another underground experience that leads up a 150-foot Black Hand Sandstone cliff and features tunnel-like corridors leading up to it with windows offering scenic views from below and high ceilings reminiscent of a natural cathedral.

Hikers can take advantage of free admission to the park during summer months when temperatures are at their warmest, while fall and spring offer great conditions with reduced crowds and more solitude on the trails.

Visit a Winery

Hocking Hills are home to numerous wineries and breweries that give visitors an authentic taste of local flavor. Many also host tasting events, live music performances, food trucks or food truck events during their visits – adding another dimension of enjoyment during their trip!

Hocking Hills Winery in Circleville offers an ideal setting for wine tasting with friends. This family-owned and operated winery creates wines from both locally grown grapes as well as those grown across the US – their wines have earned numerous awards! Their outdoor patio also provides ample room to unwind under the stars – leashed pups are welcome too!

Rockside Winery and Vineyard in Hocking Hills is another family-owned winery. Their onsite vineyard allows them to cultivate grapes directly for winemaking; award-winning wines made from both traditional North American grapes as well as French American hybrids are produced here, alongside an outdoor patio where events and music concerts often take place. They offer delicious charcuterie boards, wine slushies, and brick oven pizzas that guests can enjoy while sipping delicious wines at this winery.

Are you curious to explore Hocking Hills Ohio’s rich history? Visit one of its museums! Whether it’s General William Tecumseh Sherman’s Birthplace in Lancaster or Logan’s Hocking Hills Moonshine Museum; there will surely be one to fit your interests!

Visit a Brewery

Hocking Hills is an outdoor enthusiast’s haven, offering miles of trails for hiking and rivers for kayaking or canoeing, plus multiple activities such as rock climbing and zip lining for more daring visitors. Hocking Hills will captivate nature lovers who find inspiration in its incredible Black Hand Sandstone landscape throughout the park.

Visit one of Hocking Hills Ohio’s many breweries for some less strenuous activity and taste local craft beer! There is the Route 33 Brew Trail which features six locations or create your own brewery tour; all provide great opportunities for camaraderie while showcasing local specialty beers – perfect after an exhausting hike or exploring trip!

If you prefer something stronger, Hocking Hills Ohio boasts several distilleries that specialize in crafting their own moonshine and other liquors. One such family-run distillery is Hocking Hills Moonshine near a breathtaking waterfall offering tours and tastings of their 45 proof peach tea and granny apple moonshine varieties.

Gorges in state parks may be the main draw, but there’s much more to see and do nearby. John Glenn Astronomy Park encourages visitors to gaze upward and marvel at what awaits them in the night sky, while Laurelville Fruit Farm sells fresh apples, pears and cherries alongside their homemade jams and preserves.

Lake Logan and Hope offer great opportunities for fishing, camping and renting cabins, while there are also several guided tours which allow visitors to experience exploring the hills by horseback or treetop canopy tour.

Go Stargazing

Hocking Hills State Park provides visitors with miles of trails, rivers and cabins – perfect for an enjoyable outdoor experience! However, many visitors are unaware of its spectacular night sky view! With pristine, dark skies featuring millions of stars shining brightly above it – John Glenn Astronomy Park provides the ideal way to take advantage of this natural feature.

The park features telescopes for visitors to use and also welcomes them to bring their own telescope. However, astronomy park also has specially-equipped lenses that can identify planets and constellations more quickly and more importantly are located away from town so as to minimize disruption from city light pollution.

Lake Logan State Park provides another fantastic stargazing spot, boasting scenic picnic areas and woodland walks, plus an inviting sandy beach that makes for relaxing swimming sessions. In addition, Lake Logan hosts one of the region’s best waterfalls – The Devil’s Bathtub!

Hocking Hills offers several unique rock formations, such as the Hocking Hills Natural Rock Bridge – a spectacular sight spanning an intricate ravine system and truly remarkable when seen first-hand.

Hocking Hills is an all-season destination that promises a memorable experience at any time of the year. Spring brings wildflowers, summer is lush and green, autumn crisp and colorful and winter offers stunning snow and ice formations to explore – not to mention being festive during holidays! Whatever activity you choose on your Hocking Hills excursion will certainly leave an imprintful memory!

Paint a Canvas

Hocking Hills Ohio provides an enchanting natural setting for outdoor adventure activities. Nature enthusiasts will delight in hiking trails, rock climbing and camping trips while thrill-seekers can embark on scenic air tours in a hot air balloon or helicopter, canopy tours of treetops or guided fishing and hiking adventures.

Hocking Hills offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment options, from mini golf courses and children’s museums, a petting zoo, butterfly conservation center and indoor horseback riding, to dining options like Laurelville Fruit Farm’s apple cider offerings and Pearl’s Diner in Logan offering “cooking like Granma did.”

Are you craving some adrenaline rush? Experience Hocking Hills State Park’s thrilling ziplining or rock climbing experiences or, for something a bit less exhilarating, try Hocking River with its class 1 rapids perfect for tub floats – there are several companies offering them!

As well, there is an array of shopping opportunities in the area, with local shops, flea markets, art galleries and outlet stores providing ample shopping options. The Laurelville Fruit Farm is an ideal spot to stock up on fresh treats for the journey ahead. At Dusty Blues and Jack Pine Glass Studio you will also find local crafts from artists who have traveled throughout their careers perfecting their art forms.

Discovering the Land’s Natural Splendor

The most enchanting thing about Hocking Hills is its awe-inspiring natural beauty.

The Charms of Old Man’s Cave

Meander through the trails of Old Man’s Cave, where every turn unveils nature’s masterpiece. The recess cave, deep in the gorge, has stories from ancient times – of a hermit who once made it his home, and of the Adena Indians before him. Let the cascading waters and the deep pools serenade you as you lose yourself in the cave’s grandeur.

Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve

A riot of colors and a testament to nature’s splendor, Conkle’s Hollow is one of the most scenic areas in Hocking Hills. The sheer cliffs, the verdant greens, and the echoing silence are almost poetic. Opt for the Rim Trail for panoramic views or the Gorge Trail for a more accessible walk amidst the flora.

Whispering Echoes of Rock House

It’s not just a rock; it’s a cathedral of nature. Hocking Hills’ only true cave, Rock House, boasts gothic-like windows and sandstone formations. Legends of robbers, bootleggers, and Native American inhabitants add a touch of mystery to its allure.

Quenching the Adrenaline Rush

For those yearning for an adrenaline fix, Hocking Hills is your playground.

Canopy Tours and Zip-Lining

The thrill of soaring over canopies, with the wind in your hair and the ground far below, is unmatched. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours offer zip-lining experiences that let you traverse the forests and gorges from a bird’s eye view. It’s exhilarating and gives you a fresh perspective on the region’s beauty.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Challenge yourself with rock climbing and rappelling adventures. The sandstone cliffs and gorges provide the perfect setting for both novices and experts. With experienced guides at the helm, safety is paramount, ensuring that all you need to focus on is the climb.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Hocking River, with its gentle currents, is perfect for kayaking and canoeing. Whether you choose a serene journey absorbing the vistas or decide to ramp it up with a few rapids, the river doesn’t disappoint.

Immersing in History and Culture

History isn’t just in books; it’s etched in the very fabric of Hocking Hills.

The Wonders of Logan Antique Mall

A sprawling space filled with relics of the past, Logan Antique Mall is a haven for history aficionados and collectors. Each artifact, from vintage toys to classic furniture, tells a story, inviting you to be a part of its journey.

Bowen House – A Blend of Art and History

This 19th-century marvel is more than just architecture; it’s where the community converges for art, culture, and camaraderie. With workshops, exhibitions, and performances, it’s a cultural nucleus of Hocking Hills.

Gastronomic Delights

The way to Hocking Hills is not just through its sights but also its tastes.

The Millstone BBQ Experience

Southern hospitality meets mouth-watering barbecues at Millstone BBQ. With every morsel, you experience the region’s flavors, from smoked meats to tangy sauces.

Hocking Hills Winery – A Symphony of Flavors

After a day of exploration, what’s better than unwinding with a glass of local wine? The Hocking Hills Winery, with its curated selection of wines, offers a tranquil setting for relaxation.

Embracing Seasonal Festivities

Every season in Hocking Hills is a celebration. The Winter Hike in January, with snow-capped trails, is magical. Come spring, the Wildflower Pilgrimage celebrates nature’s bloom. The summer and fall aren’t behind, with festivals, parades, and fairs making every visit memorable.


Hocking Hills is not just a destination; it’s an emotion. It’s where nature, adventure, history, and culture converge, promising experiences that linger. So, when the wanderlust strikes, let Hocking Hills be your muse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When’s the best season to visit?
    • While every season has its charm, the fall foliage in October is mesmerizing.
  2. Is Hocking Hills suitable for kids?
    • Absolutely! From nature walks to adventure parks, there’s something for every age.
  3. How do I get around in Hocking Hills?
    • While driving is the most convenient, guided tours offer immersive experiences.
  4. What’s the specialty cuisine?
    • Local BBQ and wines are a must-try.
  5. Any local arts and crafts to look out for?
    • Handmade pottery and Native American crafts are popular souvenirs.

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