Tampa Zip Code – All Zip Codes in Tampa FL

A code through which someone’s postal address can be accessed. Tampa is an important city in Florida which is spread over 455.4 km². There are total 48 zip codes in this city. Here we are going to get information about all the zip codes of Tampa. In such a situation, if information is needed about any postal address of this city, then the correct address can be reached from Zip Code.

Zip Code:

Zip code is a 5 digit code which is known as district code or zone number. It was launched throughout the United States on July 1, 1963, and since then very little has been changed in its system.


Mr. Alex Morgan
3256 5th Avenue
Tampa, FL 12345

In this way the zip code of a city is. In such a situation, if we talk about the city of Tampa, then it is a city where visitors also come. In such a situation, it has been divided into a total of 48 zones. In such a situation, you can say that there are total 48 zip codes here.

Tampa Zip Code

The city of Tampa belongs to Hillsborough County. Here is a list of all the codes along with the name of the area where the codes work. In this case, along with the name of the place, you get a list of zip codes.

Zip CodeCountyPostal Address
33592Hillsborough Thonotosassa
33601Hillsborough Tampa
33602Hillsborough Tampa
33603Hillsborough Tampa
33604Hillsborough Tampa
33605Hillsborough Tampa
33606Hillsborough Tampa
33607Hillsborough Tampa
33608Hillsborough Tampa
33609Hillsborough Tampa
33610Hillsborough Tampa
33611Hillsborough Tampa
33612Hillsborough Tampa
33613Hillsborough Tampa
33614Hillsborough Tampa
33615Hillsborough Tampa
33616Hillsborough Tampa
33617Hillsborough Tampa
33619Hillsborough Tampa
33620Hillsborough Tampa
33621Hillsborough Tampa
33622Hillsborough Tampa
33623Hillsborough Tampa
33629Hillsborough Tampa
33630Hillsborough Tampa
33631Hillsborough Tampa
33633Hillsborough Tampa
33634Hillsborough Tampa
33637Hillsborough Tampa
33646Hillsborough Tampa
33647Hillsborough Tampa
33650Hillsborough Tampa
33655Hillsborough Tampa
33660Hillsborough Tampa
33661Hillsborough Tampa
33662Hillsborough Tampa
33664Hillsborough Tampa
33672Hillsborough Tampa
33673Hillsborough Tampa
33674Hillsborough Tampa
33675Hillsborough Tampa
33677Hillsborough Tampa
33679Hillsborough Tampa
33680Hillsborough Tampa
33681Hillsborough Tampa
33686Hillsborough Tampa

This is the whole list which is used for the postal address of different areas. In such a situation, if you are in this beautiful city of Florida, then you have to remember all these numbers so that any post can reach your home.

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