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What is not included in a Seabourn cruise?

Navigating the Hidden Costs of a Seabourn Cruise

Seabourn cruises are renowned for their luxurious accommodations, exceptional service, and a plethora of amenities. While the all-inclusive nature of Seabourn cruises is often touted, it’s important to understand that not everything is included in the package. Here’s a guide to the hidden costs you may encounter on a Seabourn cruise:

1. Shore Excursions:

While Seabourn offers complimentary shore excursions, these are often limited in number and may not cover the most popular or in-depth activities. If you’re planning on taking advantage of shore excursions, be prepared to factor in additional fees for specialized tours or private experiences.

2. Premium Beverages:

Seabourn includes a wide range of standard beverages in your fare, but premium spirits, fine wines, and specialty cocktails are not part of the all-inclusive package. If you have a penchant for top-shelf drinks, be prepared to pay extra for these indulgences.

3. Spa Treatments:

Pampering yourself with a spa treatment is a delightful way to enhance your Seabourn cruise experience. However, these treatments are not included in the cruise fare and come with separate pricing. If you’re planning on indulging in spa services, factor in these costs accordingly.

4. Personal Expenses:

Onboard purchases such as souvenirs, gifts from the onboard shops, and personal items like toiletries and sundries are not included in the cruise fare. Remember to budget for these expenses to avoid any surprises at the end of your trip.

5. Wi-Fi:

While Seabourn provides basic Wi-Fi access, if you require a stronger connection for streaming or uploading large files, you’ll need to purchase a premium Wi-Fi package.

6. Specialty Restaurants:

Seabourn offers a variety of specialty restaurants onboard, each with its unique culinary offerings. While the main dining rooms are included in your fare, these specialty restaurants come with an additional charge.

7. Personal Services:

Services such as laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe shining are not included in the cruise fare. If you require these services, you’ll need to pay for them separately.

8. Gratuities:

While tipping is not mandatory on Seabourn cruises, it is customary to show your appreciation for the exceptional service provided by the crew. A standard guideline is to tip between $10 and $15 per person per day.

9. Travel Insurance:

While not directly part of the cruise cost, travel insurance is strongly recommended to protect yourself against unexpected events such as illness, cancellation, or lost luggage.

10. Pre- and Post-Cruise Expenses:

If your itinerary involves pre- or post-cruise stays in hotels or resorts, those expenses will not be included in your cruise fare.

By understanding these additional costs upfront, you can plan accordingly and ensure a seamless and enjoyable Seabourn cruise experience without any financial surprises. Remember, a little planning goes a long way in maximizing your vacation budget and making the most of your Seabourn adventure.

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