12 Warmest Beaches in California: Weather & Water

12 Warmest Beaches in California:

California is a haven for beach lovers, but with over 840 miles of coastline, not all beaches are created equal.

If you’re craving warm water and sunshine, you’ll need to head south. Here are 12 of the warmest beaches in California, along with their average water and air temperatures:

1. Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach, the southernmost beach in California, lives up to its name with an average water temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and an average air temperature of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it a perfect spot for year-round swimming, sunbathing, and surfing.

2. Avalon Beach

Escape to Avalon Beach on Catalina Island, a haven protected from the cold California Current. Here, the water averages a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while the air warms up to a comfortable 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. La Jolla Shores Beach

La Jolla Shores Beach is a local favorite for its calm, clear waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and stand-up paddleboarding. The water temperature averages 68 degrees Fahrenheit, while the air warms up to a pleasant 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Coronado Beach

Just south of San Diego, Coronado Beach boasts soft sand, gentle waves, and stunning city views. The water averages 68 degrees Fahrenheit, and the air warms up to a comfortable 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Solana Beach

This small beach town north of San Diego is a surfer’s paradise with consistent waves and an average water temperature of 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The air temperature averages a sunny 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Oceanside

Oceanside, known for its iconic pier and annual Pier Swim in December, offers something for everyone. Surfers, swimmers, and pier fishers alike enjoy the 66-degree Fahrenheit water and 73-degree Fahrenheit air.

7. Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is renowned for its coves, tidepools, and artistic spirit. Surfers, swimmers, and stand-up paddleboarders flock here for the 68-degree Fahrenheit water and 74-degree Fahrenheit air.

8. Newport Beach

Action and relaxation collide at Newport Beach, a haven for surfers, swimmers, sailors, and stand-up paddleboarders. After your water adventures, explore the Balboa Fun Zone for rides, games, and restaurants. The average water temperature is 67 degrees Fahrenheit, while the air temperature averages 74 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Huntington State Beach

Huntington State Beach, one of California’s longest, is a surfer’s dream. Sunbathers and beach volleyball enthusiasts also love this spot, with its 66-degree Fahrenheit water and 73-degree Fahrenheit air.

10. Long Beach

Long Beach, a vibrant city beach, offers something for everyone. Take a swim, sunbathe, bike the boardwalk, or explore the pier, aquarium, and convention center. The water averages 65 degrees Fahrenheit, while the air warms up to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. Avila Beach

Escape to Avila Beach, a charming Central Coast town with a beach known for its calm waters, soft sand, and stunning Pacific Ocean views. The 64-degree Fahrenheit water and 71-degree Fahrenheit air create a perfect environment for relaxation.

12. Santa Barbara

With a variety of beaches to choose from, Santa Barbara is a beach lover’s paradise. Swim, sunbathe, surf, or stand-up paddleboard in the 64-degree Fahrenheit water, while the air warms up to a comfortable 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

No matter your beach preference, California has a warm spot waiting for you. So grab your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and hit the sand!

Bonus tip: Remember, water temperatures can vary depending on the time of year and even the time of day. So, be sure to check the latest forecasts before you head out.

I hope this post helps you plan your next sunny escape to California’s warmest beaches!

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