Top 10 Best Apps for Solo Travelers Toolkit

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1 Track your location 2 Work out how to get to and from your target destination 3  Discover places nearby

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Trail Wallet


1 The relevant local currency for the location 2 A start and end date for my budget 3 To work from a daily budget or total amount

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Google Translate


Simply choose the language you want, type a sentence and convert it into the local language.

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World Currency Converter App


Convert from one currency to another in a matter of second and It works when you’re offline (no internet or wifi needed).

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Music App


Having the Spotify or Apple Music Apps downloaded to your phone is a handy way to listen to your favorite playlists as you travel.

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Movie Apps 


Instead, you’ll need to download an app to your smartphone, iPad or laptop so that you can take your movies with you everywhere you go.

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Flush – Toilet Finder App


You can find a nearby public toilet and works when you’re offline (no internet and wi-fi).

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Microsoft Onedrive / iCloud


Both apps keep your photos and files backed up, protected, synced, and accessible on all of your devices.

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It gives you a good estimate of how long, how much, and the different transport options available between destinations. 

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The Meetup App


If you’re finding it hard to meet other travelers or locals whilst traveling, you should definitely download the FREE Meetup App to your phone.